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Trip to Alaska: Spring fishing in Kodiak

When you think about your trip to Alaska, Spring fishing in Kodiak is a fine time to get out and start filling the freezer with delicious fillets of king salmon, halibut and rockfish. You’ve been eating all of last year’s fish and the larder is starting to get empty. This time of the year gives you the chance to get [Read More...]

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King fishing in Alaska

King fishing in Alaska, particularly on Kodiak Island, can be an adrenaline-filled experience battling slab-sided chrome brutes. The king of Pacific salmon earns its reputation as one of the best gamefish in Alaska every time a lucky angler has one on the line.  King fishing in Alaska is on full display for guests traveling to Kodiak Legends Lodge in Larsen Bay. [Read More...]

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Best Alaska halibut fishing

The best Alaska halibut fishing destinations combine several similar characteristics. Protected water, low fishing pressure, short runs to the fish, shallow-water angling, healthy fish stocks, and best fish-care practices are among those critical elements. Kodiak Legends Lodge exemplifies all of these traits, as well as provides some other highly desirable amenities.  Sitting in Larsen Bay, Kodiak Legends Lodge shares the area [Read More...]

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Alaska Fishing Vacation

An Alaska fishing vacation is an amazing opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of Alaska, catch a myriad of prized gamefish species and bring home top-quality fillets to enjoy for many meals to come. At Kodiak Legends Lodge, we excel at all three of these facets of a quality Alaska fishing vacation. Guests who visit after July 1 are treated [Read More...]

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Legendary Fish Care in Larsen Bay

Legendary Fish Care in Larsen Bay Article by Melissa Norris As seen in the January 2021 Issue of Fish Alaska I remembered how bountiful the fishing was in Larsen Bay from a previous trip to Kodiak Island more than a decade ago. I caught the biggest silver I’ve ever held in Uyak Bay, where the city of Larsen [Read More...]

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Traveling to Alaska

5/27/21 At this time, folks traveling to Alaska are not required to possess a negative COVID test to enter, however, since we are based in a remote village we still recommend having a test a few days prior to traveling to Alaska or be fully vaccinated before arrival.  11/20/20 Traveling to Alaska is part of the fun. Commercial airlines typically operate [Read More...]

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Larsen Bay

Sixty miles southwest of the city of Kodiak lies a narrow fjord. Named after the fur trader, hunter, and guide, Peter Larsen of Ugan Island, Larsen Bay is rich with beauty and history. Thought to have inhabitants as early as 2000 years ago, this area has an ancient spirit that embodies Alaska's incredible wilderness.   We are so grateful to call Larsen [Read More...]

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