King salmon fishing Alaska is only prolific in a few places these days, and fortunately for our guests that includes Kodiak, specifically the western side of the island where Larsen Bay is nestled. Uyak Bay is home to some prolific saltwater fishing and just outside the bay we troll for Chinook salmon. Catching kings in the saltwater is an absolute blast which is why king salmon fishing Alaska tops the list of many seeking a fishing vacation in the nation’s largest state. These days, prolific king salmon fisheries are hard to come by. Here in Kodiak we have seen strong returns in the last several years and we expect to see that upward trend in the near future with current ocean conditions and bait sources.

King salmon fishing is an absolute ball. When we get into a school of kings while trolling or jigging, several rods can go down—it’s a blast! A tap on your shoulder from your captain or deck hand, along with verbal instructions, choreographs the dance of the multi-hooked up salmon anglers. Travel time to prime fishing is practically null. Most of our fishing is done in protected bays. The daily fishing schedule is customized for your group; however, we typically recommend fishing a little earlier than our average 8 a.m. departure for kings, mainly because the bite can be a bit better on nice weather days before the sun rises high. If it’s an overcast day that won’t pertain as much. Most of our fishing is driven by tides so we focus our efforts for kings or halibut about an hour or two before the tide change until about an hour after. Fishing for rockfish can be done throughout the day so we strategically plan our timing to maximize your day’s catch.

Outstanding saltwater king salmon fishing



We primarily target kings from late in May until mid-July, and feeder kings can be caught year-round. The current regulations for king salmon fishing Alaska at Kodiak Legends Lodge is a generous 2 per day without a seasonal limit. The average king salmon size in our area is 15 pounds in the early season. The median size progresses to around 25- to 30 pounds as the season peaks with an occasional 40-pounder landing in the net. King salmon fishing Alaska is your best chance to take home the fattiest, thickest, most delicious self-caught wild salmon fillets available, a complete culinary gift.



Trolling and jigging are the two methods we use king salmon fishing Alaska in the saltwater. Our salmon trolling rods are 8 1/2-foot Shimano Taloras paired with Okuma Coldwater  line counter reels for their smooth drag. We troll with Delta inline flashers and hootchies or spoons like the Delta Gibbs Skinny G’s, Luhr Jensen Coyotes, and Thomas Speedy Shiners. When we can jig for kings we use our 7-foot Rogue Rods and Shimano Tekota reels baited with 2 oz. darts or crippled herring. We often see quick limits when all the elements align for jigging.