Lingcod are the most elusive of our Alaska saltwater fish but we know just where to find them. It’s a slightly further ride to the lingcod grounds beginning in July when the season opens. It’s still only about 30- to 40 minutes for us to head out to Shelikof Strait where we jig for these toothy deep-dwelling denizens. The average size lingcod we fish ranges from 15- to 25 pounds and we see Alaska lingcod upwards of 40 pounds every year. Jigging Savage jigs, swim baits or live bait is a hoot on our 7-foot Rogue rods with Shimano Tekota reels. If the tide isn’t pushing that hard we can break out the lighter tackle to increase the fight. We’ve been known to bring up some big halibut while we are out targeting Alaska lings. These Alaska lingcod are available from the season opening until we close the lodge for the season.

Come Fish With Us

Lingcod and rockfish provide a lean, luscious meat. 


Rockfish are the other bottom fish we target in addition to Alaska lingcod and they are known to be absolutely delicious. We can bring in a couple yelloweye but since they are one slow-growing species we are gentle on the resource. Still there is an abundance of other rockfish to target including black bass that will make for delicious meals in your future. We fish rockfish similarly to how we fish Alaska lingcod using a jigging method and take the bait size down accordingly.

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