Halibut fishing Alaska is one of the top draws that bring folks from everywhere to the 49th state. The tasty, white flesh of wild caught halibut from Alaskas cold waters is some of the most coveted gamefish targeted in all of the Pacific Ocean. Not only delicious to eat, halibut are fascinating to catch while you wait to see what feels like a tank breaking the waters surface.

At Kodiak Legends Lodge we are grateful for a couple of area features that make halibut fishing Alaska a little easier. For starters we fish on average between 180- and 240 feet of water while in some places its more common to fish in up to 400 feet of water when halibut fishing. There are definitely times we have to fish deeper, but there are other times, usually in the spring, where we have areas that nice halibut can be taken in only 60 feet of water!

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We only provide quality gear for halibut fishing Alaska on the fleet of Kodiak Legends Lodge boats. We use custom, 7-foot Rogue rods paired with Shimano Tekota level winds. We begin fishing for halibut each day by putting the most eager, hands-on anglers on jigging rods while the rest of the guests drop bait to start a scent trail. Initially we see the most aggressive halibut take an active jig while we lay a bait scent with our other offerings.

Halibut fishing Alaska at Kodiak Legends Lodge is best in June, July, August, and September. Pick the other species you want to target while you are here this summer and its likely youll also take a limit of halibut each day for your fish box. The average sized halibut we target as keepers at Kodiak Legends is between 30- and 50 pounds.

We know from experience these are the best tasting fish.

While we often hook into large fish, we highly encourage guests to release halibut over 100 pounds in order to perpetuate the fishery and protect the gene pool of breeding fish. Either way, we have a prolific halibut fishery with lots of action and ample opportunity to take some medium-sized eaters home for many meals to come. Youll even have a couple pieces to share with family and friends.


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