An Alaska fishing vacation is an amazing opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of Alaska, catch a myriad of prized gamefish species and bring home top-quality fillets to enjoy for many meals to come. At Kodiak Legends Lodge, we excel at all three of these facets of a quality Alaska fishing vacation. Guests who visit after July 1 are treated to a bounty of saltwater denizens. From slab halibut, to thick-sided kings, fearsome lingcod to various species of rockfish, we have the know-how to put you on the fish. As the season progresses, silvers begin to enter the mix. We pride ourselves on top-notch fish processing, where each fish is carefully bled, iced, filleted and vacuum-packed so that you take home truly world-class seafood.

Based on our position on the northwest side of Kodiak Island in Uyak Bay, we fish in protected waters a short distance from the lodge. No worries here about taking multi-hour boat rides through choppy seas. In order to get to our lodge, you’ll hop a flight over from the city of Kodiak and get the opportunity to soak in the sights from the air, taking in the scope of Kodiak’s rugged peaks and attempting to spot mountain goats living in inhospitable places. Once on location, wildlife and scenery abound. From verdant rolling hillsides, to pristine oceanscapes, the area is filled with marine wildlife which includes whales, otters, sea lions, seals, and waterfowl. Land-based animals include Kodiak’s famous brown bears, Sitka blacktail deer, and foxes.

After experiencing top-notch angling made possible by expert captains, quality boats and good gear, you’ll come back to our luxurious lodge and enjoy 5-star dining. Get a great night sleep after all the fresh air, fish battles and terrific food, then get up and do it all again! If all this sounds like a proper Alaska fishing vacation, give us a call and we’ll get you set up for fishing, food and fun at Kodiak Legends Lodge.

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