Alaska trips to Kodiak Legends Lodge are a combination of fish-catching nirvana, excellent accommodations, superior dining and enjoying an awesome adventure with our highly skilled crew. Great news! There’s time to put together a 2023 trip to visit us in Larsen Bay, Kodiak.

King Salmon

King salmon fishing gets cranked up in the second half of May and continues through July. The waters around Kodiak Island hold lots of baitfish, so king salmon from all over the West Coast end up in the nutrient-rich waters surrounding the Emerald Isle. This makes the saltwater around Kodiak one of the better places in Alaska to target and find king salmon.

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Alaska trips to our lodge usually includes catching a variety of species of fish, and halibut are usually on most angler’s wish lists. We target these fish all season, and find them reliably on most days. Many people think of them as lazy fish that slurp up whatever they find on the bottom; this is far from the truth. They are apex predators that are opportunistic and will come from far below to chase down a jig or bait. Once hooked, they pull hard and larger fish will test your strength. We target fish in the 30- to 50-pound class and highly encourage our guests to release fish over 100 pounds. You won’t soon forget a tug-of-war with a triple-digit flatfish!


Beginning in July when the lingcod season opens, your Alaska trip to Kodiak Legends can also include targeting lings. These big fish live on rock piles and reefs, where they pounce on unsuspecting prey, and have been the bane of many a rockfish and greenling in Alaska waters. They have a big grin full of sharp teeth, and have been known to latch onto a rockfish or smaller lingcod and hitch a ride to the surface. While they are considered kind of ugly by many, they sure to shine like supermodels on the plate. Lingcod meat is light, flaky and lean; it’s also forgiving to cook and lends itself to numerous preparations.


Rockfish are abundant in our waters, and are typically found throughout the season. We prefer to target pelagic rockfish species like black rockfish which are a species of abundance, fun to catch and excellent to eat. Many anglers who fish in the saltwater in Alaska choose rockfish when making fish tacos. There are over 30 species of rockfish present in the Great Land’s salt, so it’s highly likely you will see varied and colorful rockfish species landed on your Alaska trip to Kodiak Legends Lodge.

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Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are the last to arrive, and usually are present in catchable numbers in August and continue through September. They are a blast to catch, great to eat and are fairly abundant, so action is usually predictably good. When we find a school of feeding coho, catching can be non-stop, with multiple fish being fought simultaneously.

Our advice is that you decide which species you most want to catch, and plan your timing around it. The 2023 season is just around the corner, so once you decide your fish wish list, then contact us to see about availability. We’d love to see you this summer and help make your Alaska trip a luxurious adventure and fishing success story.

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