Kodiak weatherKodiak weather is famously unpredictable. In the peak of summer, it could be hot and sunny with temps climbing into the 70s. It could also be cold, rainy and windy, with daytime highs in the 50s or 60s. That’s Alaska weather for you: wild, raw, rugged and volatile. 

Since weather can vary dramatically day to day, and even within the same day, seasoned anglers learn to dress in layers. Start with a fast drying base layer made from synthetic materials or merino wool. Next, add an insulation layer. Many choose heavier merino wool layers or fleece. For the next layer, consider a down jacket and pants. They are light, pack into a small space, and come in a range of fill down. The larger the number, the warmer the clothing. These days you have a range of options in both synthetic- and goose-down. To complete your clothing ensemble, choose a rain jacket and rain pants that are waterproof and will fit over your other layers. With this clothing system in place, you are ready for the full range of Kodiak weather. 

Kodiak weatherAnother factor to consider, especially if you will be fishing in the saltwater around Kodiak, is that it usually feels colder out on the salt. The North Pacific Ocean around Kodiak is usually at its warmest in August, when the water temps are typically in the 50s. It’s easy to understand how it feels colder on the ocean when you consider the temperature of the ocean. Many anglers who come from warm summer climates are happy to have a stocking cap and gloves to wear when out on the salt. If you don’t need them, so much the better, but it pays to be prepared in case you do.

June through August is usually the best Kodiak weather of the year. Average lows are usually no colder than 40℉ and average highs are typically no hotter than 70℉. Generally speaking, summer months are the most dry on Kodiak Island, and a visiting angler can expect an average of a 2- to 3 inches of rain per month in the June through August timeline. September is traditionally the rainiest month, averaging about 5 inches of rain. This precipitation is part of what keeps the island so verdant and earns it the title of Alaska’s Emerald Isle.

Kodiak weatherCall us today to come experience our outstanding lodge and epic angling. On the island, there’s no such thing as bad Kodiak weather days, there’s just bad clothing choices, so heed the advice here and you’ll be ready for whatever Kodiak dishes out.