King fishing in Alaska, particularly on Kodiak Island, can be an adrenaline-filled experience battling slab-sided chrome brutes. The king of Pacific salmon earns its reputation as one of the best gamefish in Alaska every time a lucky angler has one on the line. 

king fishing in alaskaKing fishing in Alaska is on full display for guests traveling to Kodiak Legends Lodge in Larsen Bay. Not only will they experience calm, protected waters, but they will witness epic mountain and ocean vistas, have ample opportunities to see marine mammals and birds, and of course, get the chance to bend a rod fighting a mighty Chinook. 

Picture this: The calm of the morning air is broken by the sound of line peeling off the bait casting reel at high speeds. The stillness enveloping the morning troll is shattered as the crew jumps into action. The angler works to free the rod from the holder, and it’s a challenge as the thick-shouldered beast bends it into the cork. Immediately the fisherman realizes the power in this wild salmon after all the years of dreaming about king fishing in Alaska.

king fishing in alaskaSimultaneously the deckhand raises the downrigger ball and clears it out of the way. The other rods that were also being trolled are cleared. The angler has the whole dance floor to show off his moves, while the king is doing the same thing below the surface of the ocean. Violent head shakes, hard charges, wild direction changes, surface blow-ups; 25 pounds of purple-sheened, chrome-sided vigor, the essence of the wild Alaska king salmon is a pretty special and impressive sight. 

And to think there are other species to catch once you’ve caught your king. Halibut, lingcod, rockfish; we enjoy a bounty of bottomfish in Larsen Bay, Kodiak. King fishing in Alaska can be exceptional depending on where you go. When you come to Kodiak Legends Lodge in June and into early July, you can experience fishing for king salmon, halibut, rockfish and lingcod, as well as enjoy long days, bountiful scenery and exceptional dining.

In between fishing excursions, guests will get to enjoy excellent cuisine with dinners that rival gourmet restaurants. And when you’re successful landing a king, our expert staff will use the best fish-care practices to clean and process your fish so that you can prepare many fine meals to come. We take pride in our fish-care processing and the attention to detail and extra effort combine to produce the best tasting fillets possible. After all the time and expense to go king fishing in Alaska, we want to ensure that your freezer fish quality is in line with the whole experience.

We love to host guests and show them all the best that Larsen Bay has to offer, and our crew is comprised of really good people who do their jobs very well. Give us a call to set up a trip to come fish with us or email