Alaska Fishing Lodge

Alaska fishing lodge options can be found all across Alaska. Comparing them can be a difficult proposition when you consider the wide range of amenities, fisheries and services that encompass the Alaska sportfishing industry in its entirety. Let’s take a mile-high look at some of the considerations you should deliberate when choosing a lodge. Quality Angling Opportunities For many, the [Read More...]

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All Inclusive Alaska Fishing

All inclusive Alaska fishing is as good as it gets at Kodiak Legends Lodge. Our saltwater-angling focused operation checks all the boxes: good food, excellent fishing, quality fish care and comfortable lodging. Furthermore, our friendly and skilled staff will do everything possible to make sure your stay is a good one. Experience All Inclusive Alaska Fishing When you visit [Read More...]

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All Inclusive Fishing Lodge

Questions to ask a perspective all inclusive fishing lodge All inclusive fishing lodge options exist all over Alaska. They offer a range of amenities, but the basics that should always be included are fishing, lodging and food. Deciphering which lodges truly deliver on all three aspects can be a challenging task. Asking the right questions, let’s call it being a [Read More...]

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Alaska Fishing: The Ultimate Fishing Destination

Alaska fishing trips combine adventure, varied and plentiful fish species, nearly limitless options for visiting anglers to consider, and a diverse array of ecosystems to choose from. Transportation to this fishing wonderland is easy to come by. An array of commercial airlines fly into various major cities in each of the state’s four regions: Interior, Southcentral, Southeast and Southwest.  Choosing [Read More...]

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Legendary Fish Care in Larsen Bay

Legendary Fish Care in Larsen Bay Article by Melissa Norris As seen in the January 2021 Issue of Fish Alaska I remembered how bountiful the fishing was in Larsen Bay from a previous trip to Kodiak Island more than a decade ago. I caught the biggest silver I’ve ever held in Uyak Bay, where the city of Larsen [Read More...]

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