Questions to ask a perspective all inclusive fishing lodge

All inclusive fishing lodge options exist all over Alaska. They offer a range of amenities, but the basics that should always be included are fishing, lodging and food. Deciphering which lodges truly deliver on all three aspects can be a challenging task. Asking the right questions, let’s call it being a fish detective, will serve you well.

all inclusive fishing lodgeHow’s the fishing?

Many lodges promise outstanding fishing. Whether salt or fresh, learning a little about the boats, gear, and tackle being used might enlighten you as to the quality of the operation. New boats, high-end rods and reels, and multiple styles of fishing to allow anglers to adapt to what’s working, are all signs that the lodge is serious about catching fish. Quality gear doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to fill the fish hold, but it’s a good start.

What is their fishing experience?

How long have the captain(s) been fishing local waters? Experience is a big plus in Alaska, and the best all inclusive fishing lodge operations have good captains. It’s also helpful if the captain has a network so he can help other captains and get help when needed. Good captains can find fish on most days, but it sure helps to be able to reach out to others if the bite is slow where you  are and there’s a hot bite happening elsewhere.

Where do they fish?

What types of waters will you be fishing? Specifically in saltwater, if you are fishing in an area with no protection from the wind, there’s always potential for bigger seas. Lodges that can always find calm waters to fish have an advantage.

What’s on the menu?all inclusive fishing lodge

What types of meals will you be eating? All inclusive fishing lodge menus vary, so asking for a menu sample or talking with lodge representative about the food being served should be educational.

Kodiak Legends Lodge

We think that Kodiak Legends Lodge shines when compared to many other all inclusive fishing lodge choices in Alaska. We offer outstanding fishing for halibut, rockfish, lingcod and salmon, and can always find a calm spot to wet a line. Our waters aren’t crowded with lots of other charter boats, and fishing is predictably good.

Our cuisine is exceptional, putting us in the upper echelon of all inclusive fishing lodge operations. Rooms are spacious and well appointed, and our beds are extremely comfortable. We know that after a great day of fishing and a delightful meal, that you’ll climb into one of our plush beds for a good night’s sleep.

Come stay with us at Kodiak Legends Lodge and experience one of the best all inclusive fishing lodge options in all of Alaska.

Contact us for more information about our all inclusive fishing lodge in beautiful Kodiak Alaska!