Kodiak Fishing Report

From the best saltwater fishing, to the solitude of fly out fishing on remote rivers, this Kodiak fishing report describes exactly that Alaska  life experience you’re looking for. We at Kodiak Legends Lodge love keeping our fans and guests updated on how the fishing has been, so we are providing regular Kodiak fishing report updates on this page. You will find regular saltwater updates throughout the season, as well as freshwater updates in the fall when we also fish rivers.

Kodiak Fishing Report 2020

While our season was somewhat slim as far as guests go due to COVID-19, those that were able to come join us experienced some excellent fishing. In recent years we’ve started to see a comeback on the king fishery and this year proved to see this trend continue. Saltwater fishing in Kodiak is pretty consistent unless we have bad weather. Here in Larsen Bay that is less common than most saltwater destinations because Uyak Bay is protected by mountain ranges that help shield the wind. On blue bird days we venture out further into the open ocean where we can sometimes knock it out of the park.

Kodiak fishing report

September 8 to 14

A family of six from Texas joined us at Kodiak Legends Lodge for the first time. The parents and kids have visited Alaska many times over but this year they brought along a couple of their extended family members to experience the Greatland. The group spent a couple good days in the saltwater, however they were more interested in the freshwater. They flew to Lower Dog and managed to pull out some silvers but the pinks were extremely thick so it was a little tougher. They flew to Karluk Lagoon the next day and had a really good time. Back in the saltwater they caught plenty of fish and enjoyed releasing the bulk of them, keeping only a few. Their last fly out trip was back to Karluk Lagoon where they had an epic day and landed 120 silvers! What a way to end the season!

Aug 26 to 31

This week we hosted two couples, one from Indiana and one from Florida. This was the first time to Kodiak for all and the first time to Alaska ever for the folks from Indiana.  The Kodiak fishing report for this time of year is commonly that fishing is good in the saltwater for silvers and bottomfish. A wind storm came in and started to build so we expected to get blown off the water for a day or two. To adapt we took guests out early in the morning before the weather kicked up.  They told us they were just happy to be here and out of lower 48!

Aug 19 to 25
Kodiak fishing report60 coho were caught and kept in the saltwater on the first day. The rest of the week included three fly outs. One of the days this group flew over to Katmai National Park and Preserve to view bears at Geographic Harbor and landed in a glacier lake. It was an epic day filled with wildlife and scenery. So many pinks in the rivers made silver fishing difficult this fall, but if you were willing to work for it you could pull silvers out between landing pinks. The rest of the saltwater fishing was as consistent as it has been.

Aug 12 to 18

Sometimes guests aren’t hard core about the fishing, they are happy just to be in this beautiful place enjoying all there is. This was a relatively low key week of fishing. Each day our guest saw coho and halibut limits.

July 28-Aug 4

This Kodiak fishing report includes a set of parents, grandparents, and three kids, from Pennsylvania on their first trip to Alaska. Lucky for the them it was just when the silvers started showing up in good numbers. The grandfather released a 120-pound halibut, which we always love to see. They caught and kept plenty of other nice keeper halibut, plus a couple of good lingcod.

Kodiak fishing reportJuly 22 to 27

This week we invited the owner of Fish Alaska magazine to come fish with us and experience what makes Kodiak Legends Lodge a special place to visit. We won’t spoil the upcoming article with a fishing report but you can check it out in depth in the January 2020 issue of Fish Alaska magazine. Click here to join our newsletter and receive a copy of the article.

July 8 to 12

We welcomed a solo lady from Minnesota this July who had also never been to Alaska. She had the chance meeting with a father and son from Colorado visiting the lodge, also first timers. At that point our guests were able to get COVID-19 testing in Kodiak with two hour test results so we were comfortable to proceed. The king salmon fishing was good and they caught some really nice halibut and good lingcod after it opened.

June 28 to July 3

We normally start guest rotations near the end of May, but due to COVID-19 our first group arrived at the end of June making this first Kodiak fishing report a little later than normal. We were thankful to have four co-workers from Anchorage on their first time to the lodge, and, in fact, their first time to Kodiak. They had beautiful weather and the timing was perfect because the kings showed up right before they got here. They also got to enjoy their limits on halibut and rockfish.