Directly in front of Kodiak Legends Lodge lies Uyak Bay. Uyak Bay is known for its abundant marine wildlife, including whales, seals, otters, waterfowl, and most importantly, BIG fish. Depending upon the time of year, you can catch all five species of salmon, as well as halibut, ling-cod, yelloweye, and many different species of rockfish. It is common to catch more than five different species of game fish in a day! From LARGE halibut to aggressive Coho (silver) Salmon, you will love our saltwater fishing.

For fishers both young and old, a saltwater fishing vacation from Kodiak Legends Lodge will surely be one for the books. In addition to a beautiful bay with plenty of marine life, your Alaskan saltwater fishing trip also includes all the gear you need to fish, direction from our experienced guides, lodging accommodations, and delicious meals.

“A wild, remote place, even by Alaskan standards.”




Our saltwater fishing program is in Uyak Bay, directly in front of the lodge. It is a narrow, deep inlet carved by glacial activity thousands of years ago. Unlike other halibut fishing destinations, Uyak Bay has sheltered, protected waters ensuring calmer seas. Additionally, guests will fish for halibut in shallower waters between 100-300 feet deep versus 400+ feet in many other areas of Alaska. For Salmon, we use a combination of techniques, ranging from trolling and jigging to casting flies. Other species such as rockfish and cod we primarily jig from 60-400ft.

Travel time to prime fishing areas ranges from 10 minutes—1 hour. Our daily fishing schedules are tailor-made to your preference; however, typical time on the water is 8:00a.m.—4:30p.m.


halibut salmon saltwater fishing alaska kodiak fishing

  • Halibut
  • Chinook (King) Salmon
  • Coho (Silver) Salmon
  • Pink (Humpy) Salmon
  • Sockeye (Red) Salmon
  • Chum (Dog) Salmon
  • Lingcod
  • Yellow-eye
  • Black Bass
  • Other Rockfish


Kodiak Legends Lodge operates with two high quality aluminum fishing boats.

  • Tuff boat 28′ walk around enclosed cabin, twin Yamaha 150’s with bathroom on board
  • Pacific Boat 30′ walk around enclosed cabin, 300hp Yamaha with bathroom


Our boats carry several rod/reel varieties depending on what you are targeting:

  • Custom-made 50-lb stand-up rods with matching 2-speed reels
  • Japanese style jigging rods with matching Shimano reels
  • 7-ft salmon trolling rods with matching Daiwa fixed spool reels

We are loaded with a vast array of jigs, lures, and terminal tackle to suit all your needs while fishing in the spectacular fishery of Uyak Bay.


Chinook (King) Salmon
We primarily target Kings from June to Mid-July; however, feeder kings can be caught year-round. Average fish size 15- 30 pounds.

Coho (Silver) Salmon
Silvers start showing up in Early August and can be targeted thru late August early September. These fisheries produce trophy Silvers, with 18+ pounders not uncommon.

We have great halibut fishing June through September. In July and August, we often catch them in shallower water.

Other Species
Other species in Uyak Bay include Lingcod, Yellow-eye, and other types of rockfish can be caught throughout the season.

Daily Routine

At Kodiak Legends Lodge, we operate without a firm set schedule—you are here also to relax so we are flexible to customize your saltwater fishing trip to Alaska.

Each evening, our lodge manager or head guide will meet with you to discuss the best activity options for the following day and make a recommendation, with guest interests, weather, and of course which species of the fish at biting.

Below is a typical daily schedule at Kodiak Legends Lodge:

7:30am:     Breakfast
8:00am:     Leave the Lodge-Daily Activity Begins
4:30pm:     Return to Kodiak Legends Lodge
6:00pm:     Appetizers
7:00pm:     Dinner

Out of respect for our chef, dinner is the only fixed time on the schedule.

Whether you are coming for a long weekend or the entire week, we cannot wait to help you have the saltwater fishing vacation of a lifetime. Check out everything included in our Kodiak Island fishing packages, pack your bags, and get ready for a great time!

“Jaw-dropping, untouched beauty! Once in a Lifetime!” – Holly, Dallas, TX



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