From the roar of the float planes engines to the screaming of a stressed reel, these are just a few of the sounds of freshwater fishing on Kodiak Island. Few places in the world can match the number of returning fish to the rivers and streams of Kodiak Island. From spin cast fishing to trying your luck fly fishing, Kodiak Legends Lodge provides all the gear you will need for a world-class Alaskan fly fishing experience (rods & reels, waders and tackle). Whether you are an avid fisher or just starting out, our expert guides can help you make the most out of your Kodiak Island fishing adventure!

“…tough to top: the perfect 10.”  –

Chris Santella discussing Kodiak Legends Lodge in “Fifty More Places to Fly Fish Before You Die”

50 More Places to Fish before you die



The Karluk River is Kodiak’s largest and most productive river system. Located just 10-minutes away by float plane, the 22-mile Karluk is well-known for its world-class Salmon and Steelhead runs, and ranks among the best Alaskan fishing rivers. The shallow waters of the Karluk make this a favorite among fisherman for its ease of wading and fish ability. Few other rivers have the diversity and productivity of the Karluk, which has runs of Chinook, Coho, and Sockeye Salmon, as well as the second largest Steelhead run in all of Alaska, with runs averaging between 2,000 and 4,000 fish. Add in resident Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout, and it’s easy to see how the Karluk is a fisherman’s dream.

In addition to the Karluk, we fish many rarely touched rivers such as the Spiridon, Zachar, and Lower Dog Salmon. These rivers are easy to navigate and present incredible opportunities to catch big fish in large numbers. Near heart-stopping surface strikes from 15-plus pound Silvers are common on these unspoiled waters. Kodiak Island freshwater fishing is its own, unique, spectacular experience.

“Few rivers offer the diversity and sheer numbers of fish throughout the season like the Karluk. Upon awakening from its winter slumber, the river first welcomes hordes of chrome chinook warriors, followed by prolific runs of sockeye. However, the real gem of the Karluk is the elusive steelhead. For the purist, fall steelhead fishing on the Karluk can be spectacular.”

Tony Weaver, “Green Goddess: Kodiak’s Karluk River” Fish Alaska Magazine



Kodiak’s freshwater fishing is a special treat because of the sheer numbers of different species you can target. The island’s remote streams and rivers provide anglers with the rare opportunity to catch multiple salmon species in the same day.

  • Chinook (King) Salmon
  • Coho (Silver) Salmon
  • Sockeye (Red) Salmon
  • Chum (Dog) Salmon
  • Pink (Humpy) Salmon
  • Dolly Varden
  • Steelhead
  • Rainbow Trout

kodiak alaska fishing salmon steelhead trout dolly varden



Kodiak Legends Lodge is fully equipped with top quality spin and fly fishing rods and reels, waders, wading boots and fly fishing gear (all of which we provide at no additional cost). Our goal is to provide each and every one of our guests with the Ultimate Experience. Have no worries, we have the gear you’ll need for your Alaskan fly fishing adventure!

If you would like to bring your own equipment, below are recommendations from our fly fishing guides.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Rods: Single handed (6-9wts)
  • Lines: Floating, Sink Tip, Full Sinking (300 gram)
  • Tippet: 6-20 lb. test.
  • Flies: we stock a wide variety of flies to choose from. If you would like to bring your own flies, our guides can send you their recommendations before your arrival.

Please feel free to contact us with any gear-related questions you have, and we will respond accordingly.


Coho (Silver) Salmon
Silvers start moving into the rivers in late August and run through September. Average size 8-15 pounds.

Prime Steelhead fishing is in October and November, though May and June can produce fish as well. Average size 8-15 pounds.

Rainbow and Dolly Varden
July through September. Average size 3-6 pounds.

Sockeye (Red) Salmon 
June and August. Average size 5-8 pounds.

Daily Routine

Since we want you to relax while on your freshwater fishing trip in Kodiak Island, we do not follow a strict schedule. We are flexible and work with you to completely customize your Alaskan fly fishing experience.

Every night, our head guide or lodge manager is happy to meet and discuss the possible activity options based on your specific needs. We take your personal interests, weather, and fishing season into consideration in order to give you the best recommendations for what to do the next day.

Here is an example of a possible schedule for a day at Kodiak Legends Lodge:

7:30am:     Breakfast
8:00am:     Leave the Lodge-Daily Activity Begins
4:30pm:     Return to Kodiak Legends Lodge
6:00pm:     Appetizers
7:00pm:     Dinner

Out of respect for our chef, dinner is the only fixed time on the schedule.

Ready to book your freshwater fly fishing trip to Kodiak Island? Schedule a date, and pack your bags. Before you know it, you will be catching all the Alaskan freshwater fish you can dream of!

“Most amazing wildlife fishing experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.” – Nick M, Del Mar, CA



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