We at Kodiak Legends are huge fans of variety of experience. It is for that reason, that we have attempted to assemble a variety of activities, adventures and experiences so that boredom is an impossibility!

From pulling up a crab pot chock full of tasty tanner crab to viewing Kodiak’s picturesque scenery from a float plane to kayaking alongside whales, puffins and sea otters to rafting down a scenic river, there is no way anyone will be bored!

Our goal at Kodiak Legends Lodge is to provide the most extensive menu of available activities and experiences of any resort in Alaska. We are much more than just a fishing lodge!

Wildlife Viewing

The Kodiak Island Archipelago contains a rich variety of wildlife which includes the world’s largest Bear, Sitka Black-tail Deer, Caribou, Mountain Goats, Foxes, Sea Lions, Seals, Sea Otters, several types of Whales, Dall’s Porpoises and lots of Eagles, Sea Ducks and other species of Sea Birds.

From the deck of the lodge you will see many of these animals during your stay. Our wildlife and bear viewing programs are done either by boat, kayak, on foot or from our float plane. Our guides will custom-design programs based on the best viewing options during your stay.

Watch gigantic Kodiak Brown Bears catch salmon with their paws and fangs, experience an up-close whale breach or check out the guest favorite puffins and sea otters hanging out in Uyak Bay.

Flight Seeing

Flight Seeing Tours of the Alaska Wilderness Take Sight Seeing to a Whole New Level

Kodiak’s lack of roads, rugged terrain and dense vegetation makes a private aircraft the optimal vantage point to explore the incredible wilderness.

One in forty Alaskan residents have a pilot’s license because the state is so vast that a plane is the only practical way to get around.  Alaskan Air taxis shuttle people around like the yellow cabs of New York City.

For a truly unique way to sight see, climb aboard our six-passenger DeHavilland Beaver float plane and explore like you never have before.


Get close to Alaska’s diverse wildlife via sea kayak in Uyak Bay’s calm, sheltered waters to see up close pristine scenery, distinctive geology and a plethora of sea life. Kayaking is one of the best ways to experience our local marine ecosystem which is said to be one of the richest in the world.

Our guests frequently get up close to whales, sea otters, puffins and many other local wildlife.

Kodiak Legends Lodge has several kayaks available for your use. Don’t forget your camera because you’re likely to see whales, puffins, sea otters and more!


Catch Snow Crab like the Crew on The Deadliest Catch. What would an Alaskan vacation be without fresh crab straight from the icy waters of Larsen Bay? Kodiak Legends Lodge has a number of crab pots that you can set and retrieve yourself on your way back in from your days activity. You can experience “The Deadliest Catch” (without the risk) by picking your own crab pots and enjoying the same fresh crab for dinner that night.

Beach Combing

Experience the Thrill of Beach Combing for Hidden Treasures on Kodiak Island’s Beaches

Beachcombing is the practice of meandering along the seashore and picking up whatever catches one’s eye – the sea is constantly bringing in new gifts.

Stroll down the beach in front of the lodge and find large, colorful Japanese glass floats, shells, ancient weathered sea glass, and old commercial fishing tools.

While you soak in the scenery surrounding Uyak Bay, whales are often dancing in the sea and bald eagles soaring overhead.


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